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Surrendering A Dog

Do you need help surrendering a dog?

The unfortunate reality is that Texas in general has a MAJOR pet over-population problem.  Every day, our small rescue receives an average of over 20 emails asking for us to take dogs.  (Not including the lists that we receive from shelters who are over capacity).  We simply cannot help each dog that we are asked to.  Since we began in 2015 we have been able to help find homes for over 8,000 dogs but we cannot do it alone.  

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Before you contact us asking for help:

Check to see if the dog is missing.

Please check first for a microchip; this can be done for free at any vets office, Petco or Petsmart.  Post on social media, neighborhood pages and print fliers to try and find owners.  Alert local shelters as most owners will look there first when a pet is missing.  If a dog is owned; our number one goal is to place it back with it's family.  Always make sure they can provide accurate proof such as photos and vet records validating it is in fact their pet.  Always meet at a safe public place.

How to report to Animal Cruelty.

If you’ve witnessed an act of animal cruelty or neglect, contact the Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce at 832.927.PAWS or at The Taskforce was formed with the primary goal of streamlining the process of where and how animal cruelty can be reported in the Greater Houston Area.  Thank you to our partners at Houston Pet Set for this tool and information.  Please do NOT contact us for this topic and use the above reference.

I need to get rid of this dog ASAP

We get this ALL THE TIME.  Again, we are a very small volunteer, foster based rescue run completely off of donations and good will of our foster families.  No one gets paid and it makes our "job" that much more stressful when we are inundated with emails saying "if you don't come get this dog now I will..."  Almost all of us have full time jobs, children and other responsibilities too.   If you need a dog gone immediately here is a list of rescues / shelters across the state courtesy of @Dog Lovers Digest. 


Or Friends for Life.


*for informational/ resource purposes only - we have no affiliation with them*** or try google! 

Also Lola's Lucky Day will NOT take in any aggressive dogs.

Still need help & are willing to foster?

It is much easier to get help with a dog if you are able to foster for a rescue!  Here are some key points to note:

  • Pitbull/ Pit mixes as well as large dogs are difficult for us to place 

  • For us to consider accepting a dog into our rescue and placing on our transport for adoption with our partner rescue groups; the following HAS to be completed before we will consider it.

  • We CANNOT guarantee the adopter will keep in contact with you.  All of our dogs get adopted via our Wisconsin rescue partners who we trust and abide by our standards.  If you want our help it is at our discretion which group your pup will go to.  Please see a list of our partners here.  If you are not comfortable with this please do NOT contact us.

Before Asking Us for Help

Requirements for us to consider accepting a dog into our program

Must get along with other dogs and people; NO EXCEPTIONS 


Must have the following vetting completed and be current (these are the rules for our requirements with the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture):

  1. DHLPP vaccine; initial done then boostered 2-3 weeks afterward.  Unless it is a puppy then they would require DHPP for their first two rounds (spaced 2-3 weeks apart) with their third round being DHLPP.​ Must have the supporting paperwork showing the date of vaccination.

  2. Bordetella. Must have the supporting paperwork showing the date of vaccination.

  3. Rabies with a signed certificate and vaccine information

  4. Current negative heartworm test or have undergone the 3 injection protocol for heartworm treatment. Must have supporting paperwork showing date and results. The results must be within the last 6 months.

  5. Negative fecal result. Must have supporting paperwork, negative fecal test must be within 7 days of transport day for your dog.

  6. Current on flea AND heartworm preventatives

  7. Spayed or Neutered. Must have supporting paperwork showing the date.

  8. Microchipped

We have to abide by these rules to operate our rescue or we will lose our license with the State of Wisconsin; if you cannot complete each item and have proof; we CAN NOT help you and please do NOT contact us.

If you are willing to complete the above requirements; then once DONE (not prior because we often get emails from people saying they will do these and then flaking out when we have already lined up transports for them which is very time consuming and wasteful of our time and the opportunity for another dog in need); please email proof of all of these records to  Additionally, you need to send at LEAST 4 good-quality photos of your dog, complete our personality profile, and submit a surrender form.  Our team of volunteers will then review these items and let you know if we can accept the dog for transport and any additional requirements. 


The final steps will include receiving a transport date (you will be responsible for bringing your pup to Oak Forest in Houston on TIME the day of your assigned transport) and paying a $150 transport fee.   Prior to transport you must work with our Intake Coordinator to make sure your dog gets a Health Certificate to travel.  *Very important as it is a requirement by the state of Wisconsin, it has to be a certain form and can only be done no more than a week in advance.

Thank you for understanding!

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