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Face, Black Dog
Face, White Dog
White Dog Held by Human
  • What is Lola's Lucky Day?
    Lola’s Lucky Day is a dog rescue that transports unwanted dogs from Texas to rescue partners in Wisconsin where they are adopted out to loving homes.
  • When was Lola's Lucky Day Formed?
    Lola’s Lucky Day was formed on January 8, 2015. Founded by Larissa Gavin who wanted to help homeless animals in Houston, TX. Lola was one of the first dogs that we rescued and was adopted by a family in Houston. She lives a very spoiled life and is a great advocate for our rescue. We also think it's each dog's lucky day when we rescue them; hence "Lola's Lucky Day".
  • Is your organization a 501c3?
    Is your organization a 501c3?
  • What is your organization's mission?
    Lola's Lucky Day strives to make a positive impact by rescuing animals that otherwise would not have a chance in Texas. We rescue pups from the streets and shelters, get them healthy, fully vetted, spayed/neutered, and network with our partner rescues in Wisconsin to match them with loving families.
  • How much of my donation will go towards programs and rescuing dogs?
    Lola’s Lola’s Lucky Day is a volunteer run organization so each and every dollar donated goes directly to the dogs!
  • What is Lola's Lucky Day's contact information?
    You can email us at We will get back to you as soon as possible. Because we are an all volunteer organization, there may be a slight delay. We appreciate your interest and your patience.
  • What does it cost to help a dog?
    • $125 Initial vetting for most dogs • $75 Spay/neuter surgery • $50 Health certificate to travel • $350 Heartworm treatment • $360 average total vetting per dog
  • What kind of vet care does each dog receive?
    Vetting for each dog includes vaccinations, vet check-ups, spay or neuter surgery, dental cleanings and at times, heart worm treatment. We also pay for health certificates when the dogs have been cleared to travel to our partner rescues in Wisconsin.
  • How can I get involved with Lola’s Lucky Day?
    You can read about our volunteer opportiunies here. Please complete our contact form on that page. Be sure to let us know your interests. Your donations are another excellent way to be come involved. Whether you make a one time donation, become a sponsor, or join our 100 Club, your support is always appreciated.
  • Are there any other ways to help Lola's Lucky Day?
    The first alternate way to help Lola's Lucky Day is by answering these 3 quick questions, and it only takes 10 seconds! In addition, we know not everyone can adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate all the time. But what you can do is consider switching your energy provider to our friends at GoodCharlie. GoodCharlie is a new breed of energy provider with a mission to make Texas the best place for a dog to live. When you sign up in one of their fixed-rate electricity plans, you don't just get regular old electricity. You also get their completely FREE Pack Benefits, including 24/7 unlimited virtual access to licensed vets, a $750 emergency fund, and your monthly bill rounded up and donated to rescue at no cost to you! The best part? When you join through Lola's Lucky Day, GoodCharlie will donate to us! Learn more about GoodCharlie and join The Pack here.
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