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Dog Surrender Form

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Thank you for contacting Lola’s Lucky Day about the surrender of your dog.

Please complete the form below to begin the surrender process. The information you provide on this form will only be used to find the best home for your dog and will remain confidential. We ask that you answer each question honestly and with as much detail as possible to facilitate a smooth transition to the dog’s new home.

Dog Surrender Form

Has this dog—
Shown to be good with children?
Good around other pets?
Been around other animals?
Displayed agressivness?
Ever bitten or attacked anyone?

All dogs being surrendered to Lola’s Lucky Day must be examined by our licensed veterinarian prior to placement in another home. A surrender fee of $50 is requested to assist with the cost of the dog’s general examination, to include vaccinations and blood tests, and will be collected upon surrender.

Please help us make the surrender process easier for your dog by bringing the following:

  • Your dog’s complete medical records and all medications (including heartworm preventative) that he or she may be taking

  • Your dog’s collar and leash

  • Any toys, blankets, or other items that your dog may be attached to

  • If your dog has a bed, crate or other items that you wish to donate, we will gladly accept these as wellThank you for giving your dog a second chance and contacting us. We will do our best to find a good home for them.

With my signature, I hereby certify that I am the legal owner of this pet and release all interest in the animal listed above. I am also aware that it is Lola’s Lucky Day’s policy not to disclose any information that might identify the location of the pet's new owners.

Lola’s Lucky Day is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Houston, TX. Please consider donating in addition to the surrender fee for food and medical expenses. Whether you make a one-time donation, become a sponsor, or join our 100 Club, your support is always appreciated!

Thank you!

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