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There we saw 5 year-old Billie Boy!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

After we lost our sweet girl Fiona Mae I vowed "No more dogs" After about 5 months I couldn't stand the loneliness. Went online to our local shelter, DCHS, and there I saw 5 yr. old Billie Boy. I swear he spoke to me, I knew with my age and health conditions I could no longer have a puppy. On the same stormy day my partner and I drove to Juneau to view him, he came home with us that same day! He is a fantastic addition to our family, he is laid back, mellow, funny and a joy to have in our home. He will soon be 10yrs. old, I want him to be with us forever! He changed our lives by his love and companionship. He was already housebroken, knew several commands and has learned much more, he is a very smart boy! We are thankful to you every day for bringing him to us. Blessings for all you do. I am so grateful we decided to adopt an adult dog, many times they are overlooked. We hope others will consider adopting adult dogs, too.

Note: Papers list his birth as 7/24/2012. We adopted him from The Dodge Count County Humane Society in Juneau, Wisc. We got him from there on August 3, 2017. I repeat, He is the absolute love of our life!! Bless All Of You!


Thank You


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