Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adopt a Lola’s Lucky Day dog?

Our rescue is a bit different than most; we are based out of Houston, TX but transport the majority of our pups to our rescue partners in Wisconsin to be adopted.  We typically do not adopt our dogs locally, instead referring people to the Harris County Shelter and other Houston based organizations such as ADORE Houston and S.A.V.E.

If you are in Wisconsin, the first step to adopting is filling out an adoption application and being approved for adoption.  The majority of our adoptions are done through our partner rescue, Paddy’s Paws.  You can only be considered for adoption if this application process is complete.  The process includes filling out the application, having a background check, vet and personal references called, and an in-home home visit with one of our volunteers.

How much does it cost to adopt a Lola’s Lucky Day dog?

The adoption fee is $250.  If you are adopting a puppy that is not yet altered due to age, you as the adopter will be responsible to financially cover the cost of that surgery.

What is included in the adoption fee?

The adoption fee is $250.  This fee includes initial vetting including heartworm test, spay/neuter if age appropriate, up to date on vaccinations as appropriate for age, microchip and transport from Texas.  If you are adopting a puppy, you as the adopter will be responsible for the cost of the spay/neuter surgery when the puppy is old enough. 

Can I meet a Lola’s Lucky Day dog before applying and completing the adoption process?

We require that everyone complete an application and be approved for adoption before meeting any of our dogs.  Most of our dogs are adopted through our partner in WI, Paddy’s Paws.  Due to both partners being volunteer based, we do not have a shelter or facility that houses the animals where potential adopters can meet the dogs.  Instead approved adopters meet the dogs when they arrive on transport from TX or at their WI foster homes.

If I am the first to apply for a Lola’s Lucky Day dog, will I get him/her?

No.  We do not do our adoptions based on a first come/first serve basis.  Instead we try our hardest, along with our partner Paddy’s Paws, to match our adoptable dogs with our approved adopters.  We use the information we have about our dogs and match it with information from adopters describing what type of dog they are looking for. 

If the dog I am interested in gets adopted, do I have to reapply for another?  Will you help me find another dog?

There is no need to reapply.  Once you are an approved adopter you can show interest in any dog we have available or we will try to help match an available dog to your specified traits but please be patient, we have many applicants.

If I am not sure which dog I want, can I still apply?

Yes!  It is never a bad idea to become preapproved when you are interested in adopting.  Once you are approved it will be quicker to proceed on a dog you have interest in since the paperwork will already be complete.

Do you hold adoption events?

Since we are completely volunteer based along with our partner, Paddy’s Paws, we do not host adoption events. 

Where and when can I meet the dog I am interested in?

Once an approved adopter is matched with a dog they can come to meet their pooch when the transport arrives in WI from TX or meet and greets are set up at the foster homes.

Do you do out-of-state adoptions?

Most adoptions are handled through our WI partner, Paddy’s Paws.  Due to being based in WI most adoptions do occur throughout the local area where we have volunteers and are able to perform our home visits.  We are occasionally able to do out of state adoptions if we have a volunteer in your area and the adopter is able to travel to have a meet and greet with their potential dog.

What is a home visit?  Why do I need to have a home visit?

A home visit gives us the opportunity to meet your family, explain the adoption process and answer any questions you might have.  This also allows us to gather information about the type of pet you are looking for.  During your home visit, all family members are required to be home.

Do all Lola’s Lucky Day dogs have to be spayed or neutered?

Yes!  All dogs over six months old will be spayed or neutered and that is included in the adoption fee.  If puppies under the age of six months are adopted, it is the responsibility of the adopter to have the dog spayed or neutered in a time frame agreed upon in the adoption contract, usually 6 months.  This is something we take very seriously and do follow up on so we request the name of your veterinary clinic for contact.

Where do your dogs come from?

Many of our dogs that we rescue come from in and around the Houston, TX area.  We have rescued and vetted dogs from local shelters, those we have found roaming the streets or being sold on the roadside and we have also helped with rehoming pets if an owner can no longer care for them.

Can you guarantee the breed of the dog?

Since many of our dogs are found as strays or in shelters with no history, we cannot guarantee any breeds.  We do our best to distinguish the breed mix based on characteristics and help from our veterinarians.

Do I need to own a home to adopt a dog?

No, you do not need to be a homeowner to adopt a dog.  If you do rent, we will request contact information for your landlord and reach out to them before your approval will be final.

Do I need to have a fenced in yard to adopt a dog?

No, having a fenced yard is not a requirement for adoption approval.


If you didn’t find the answer to your question, many questions can also be answered on the FAQ page of our partner rescue in WI, Paddy’s Paws.